Nov 10, 2011

What is the Point of life?

So I pour, I pour tears for ALL.
I pour ALL for life and this heart that feels the deepest to God while removing fear and sadness.
What is the point of life? What is the point in holding this faith ? What is the point in feeling all that we feel to bring us back to oneness?
I weap out of victory that I can say I know who I am and who I was all along.
I watch you and see beauty and life that is my life that is one breath.
What is the point of life? What is the point in rising to meet thyself when thyself is in the mirror.
Explain to me if the flame is not dim but actually sparkling brighter than even you imagined.
Those that wake up from the slumber and ask the same question.. What is the point of life?
We choose to go through this roller coaster of famine;( of beauty of life that we are experiencing. Yet we all still reflect on .. What is the point of life?
If God dwells in me and you then why create seperateness that makes you question over and over why create it?
These waves of feelings and rides of up and down always make me reflect on how far is the universe if in my pupil it is spining.
Lord, explain to me in the most simplist way "What is the point of life?"
If in the end we got to let go! Let go of family, friends. past, present yet keep it on the fort front of the mind that we really did go through that in which we already planed.
I love them enough to say " I am not selfish I am selfless and its time this soul evolved!"
Never will I forsake the mystery of the love I have for thee and them. Yet in still my life, my soul is ready.. I needed to go through this to rise to level that waits for only a select few.
Why though is it so hard?? Why is this part of the master plan? Is this part of the "test" is this part of the devine plan? Who will NO LONGER for sake you and will have learned on there kness they must pray and surrender.
What is the point of life? What is the point in lies? I have found answers yet still ask questions. What is the point? All these signs yet never a clear cut answer Why life, what is its meaning?
How do I get any closer if these tears don't stop falling out of LOVE for thee.
So many layers to the onion and your magnificince is in ALL.
The thought is " What is next?" After life I rise and then what?
What is the point of life?
If in the end Oneness must be the key and to get there one must " let go of all that all that is still you/you/and me some times called "I" !"
What is the point of life?