May 10, 2013

TwinFlame Bond By: Anyole Suarez The Love “ONE” has with a twinFlame is something that Is sacred & magical. It is the Uni-verses & Earth with Eons of Grief, Mourning, Loss & LOVE all rolled into “ONE,” again & again . The ability to see all that Once was is NOW & forever more has been mashed into “ONE soul” the twinflame soul. The merging of these polarities as Equal & opposite as they are Fit like a rubric’s cube . When “we” look deep within the “window” the recall is tappingh outwardly from one core. Our uni=ver’soul’s/flame twinflame glow. The trenches, the thick mud of our own shadow sides saves the “one soul” always. Time & time again it is our life raft! The discovery that through the murky haze the light of “unconditional love” holds its strongest torch. Winding around all the bends, swimming the longest channels to find the twinflame over & over is the magic that is saving each other so “we” may save the “one” One soul, one torch, one vessel, one with the all, while deep in love with the exact & opposite of the twinflame bond. Each “one” contributes toward the eternal cosmic Christ consciousness. We reach out our hands in all “hours” throughout all “time travels” and exsistancesssssss. Harmony, respect, honesty, compassion, joy & love amplified to maximum core that represents the uni-verse-“souls” Each ripple of love “we” make in harmony with out mother gaia/earth is sent out for each & every”one” on this planet/through all dimensions. The goal with this “type” of frequency is love forever more more more & more. An endless supply of love is the twinflame bond, its very simple! It is Not just about “unconditional love” it is acceptance of your/our own souls! The soul of Oneness . Our reconnection over eons with our uni-versoulsssss & beloved mother earth. when “one” is “free” to explore the heart the love never hides! Never ! it is our twinflame bond . may we continue to harness this heaven everywhere in everything . Swirls of love sealed for nikolas james ruiz. We are one soul /twinflame activation on lock down