Aug 22, 2013

Blessings & Prayers For Humanity

Dearest Benevolent Mother Father God You-niverseS, Arch Angels, Angels, Guides, Protectors & Ancestors,
Thank you, for All that You do for Me, OUR family, OUR Planet, OUR home, OUR brothers & sisters thank you for the protection & Mercy that you bestow on US each day in every Magical way. Peace be with Us All as you guide US, LOVE US, Protect US & Teach Us through the space of LOVE, compassion, forgiveness, love & peace. May today bring Us All Miracles of LOVE, joy & Peace in our minds & Hearts. Abundance be ALL EACH being knows & experiences. My heartfelt love sent to each of You all unique benevolent beings in the infinity of LIFE & cosmic Christ Consciousness. Together we ALL can will find paradise All WE have to do is be-live in LOVE. LOVE is All that is & through everything & anything that "happens" to you happens to ME. Only LoVE can heal that in which holds You/ME/US back.. Allow God to LoVE unconditionally & see the Miracles that manifest before your feet. Positive thinking brings positive things. I love You All Angel Blessings . So Be It So it Shall Be . ~ Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti Om ~