Nov 10, 2011

What is the Point of life?

So I pour, I pour tears for ALL.
I pour ALL for life and this heart that feels the deepest to God while removing fear and sadness.
What is the point of life? What is the point in holding this faith ? What is the point in feeling all that we feel to bring us back to oneness?
I weap out of victory that I can say I know who I am and who I was all along.
I watch you and see beauty and life that is my life that is one breath.
What is the point of life? What is the point in rising to meet thyself when thyself is in the mirror.
Explain to me if the flame is not dim but actually sparkling brighter than even you imagined.
Those that wake up from the slumber and ask the same question.. What is the point of life?
We choose to go through this roller coaster of famine;( of beauty of life that we are experiencing. Yet we all still reflect on .. What is the point of life?
If God dwells in me and you then why create seperateness that makes you question over and over why create it?
These waves of feelings and rides of up and down always make me reflect on how far is the universe if in my pupil it is spining.
Lord, explain to me in the most simplist way "What is the point of life?"
If in the end we got to let go! Let go of family, friends. past, present yet keep it on the fort front of the mind that we really did go through that in which we already planed.
I love them enough to say " I am not selfish I am selfless and its time this soul evolved!"
Never will I forsake the mystery of the love I have for thee and them. Yet in still my life, my soul is ready.. I needed to go through this to rise to level that waits for only a select few.
Why though is it so hard?? Why is this part of the master plan? Is this part of the "test" is this part of the devine plan? Who will NO LONGER for sake you and will have learned on there kness they must pray and surrender.
What is the point of life? What is the point in lies? I have found answers yet still ask questions. What is the point? All these signs yet never a clear cut answer Why life, what is its meaning?
How do I get any closer if these tears don't stop falling out of LOVE for thee.
So many layers to the onion and your magnificince is in ALL.
The thought is " What is next?" After life I rise and then what?
What is the point of life?
If in the end Oneness must be the key and to get there one must " let go of all that all that is still you/you/and me some times called "I" !"
What is the point of life?

Sep 24, 2011

As One leaves another One enters

The flow continues as the world keeps spining One leaves and another soul enters.
Why must the young "pass away" all the while knowing we will never be far away .
The stars twinkle and the skies fall with tears called rain.
One life and light enters the gates of the holyiest land.
Praise in the knowing this one did right by those that knew him and he too was one that was part of the masses of "light workers."
WE ARE ALL LIGHT and we ALL will be there not only in spirit but also in strength.
Rotations rotate the shifts that are transpiring for US all.
Relocations of all kinds small and large will be part of the rotation to bring mother Earth back to her original self.
Why sometimes do those that gave fought the hardest have to exit first?
Why is it that in knowing they are not physically here but you can still hear them does the pain not lesson?
The answers are inside while tears of sadness flow through both in and out.
Beats move the pace as the mind flucuates in rythem to the beat of knowing he is love and he gave love freely.
In remembernce to Luis WE LOVE YOU BROTHER, you will be missed.
To those that loved and think its lost tonight I say its never lost. It is meally replaced with no more pain for the other while you endore what this small trip has to offer.
It offers both suffering and non suffering. When seeing both sides to the same Earth you see that the light hits both sides just as the dark comes and goes into the reflection of your pupils.
Place a flower in the hair of your daughters and teach the boys how to dance so oneday they will do the same.
Treat those you can't stand as someone you can't live without.
With one that exits another light worker enters into this abyss of Earth and its creatures drawn by the masters creations .
Exit one enters two somewhere .
Exits masses enters abundance of brighter .
Add it all up WE ARE ONE , One unity, One beat, One rythem, One heart, One Love, One Whole pie staying around till you exit and others enter behind your departure .
In rememberance to ALL that move upward and on ward. In rebrence to US ALL it will happen eventally.
Just try to "BE" nice and non judgemental while your breathing, because how you treat others is how you feel about yourself.
There goes one more as a child takes there first breath and someone is drinking a shot of whisky else where.
Exit, Enter, Remove, Add, all the while loving all that you have experienced.
Smile for us for you because there are many crying for them selves and US.
One exits another One enters <3

Sep 8, 2011

Then God will Ask

Then God will ask what did you learn?
Then I shall answer compassion towards those that meant me no harm.
Love to those that birthed me.
Faith as I walked daily, understanding towards others who are me in the skeam of life called thyself.
With faith all things are possible even when returning to what you origanilly made us all to be . The child that knows now no bounds.
The infant that crawled before it walked.
The love and light I know that rests in me.
The child with no bounds, when limitations do not exsist.
When ego is no longer found to limit us all from being closer towards you.
Passion as I made love to that man that had the passion for me as well.
The option to allow you to cure me as I so desperatly needed it .
Curing others with your light and love.
Using this vessel to do the bidding you need me to accomplish all with faith .
Tears that make me closer to you as you heal me emotionally from that that was trainined from childhood.
Apprication to others as they are who they are and I am what you blessed me to be.
Meditation daily and staying at the ultimate high that you want us all to be.
The postivity you strengthed me with as I got older.
Love to you and everything and everyone, espcially this life tha I know I will not forget.

Aug 28, 2011

Travelers "WE All" Are

Whom ever you are where ever you are WE all travel.
How you choose to travel and with whom you choose to travel your soul already knew pre hand.
There are moments in your travel when you wonder why this one or those and the simple answer is " it is what its is because "God" choose it.
As one walks in there travel there is much love to see and much love to spread along the way, much like feeding those that needed nutrition , yoir soul travels with the good deed .
The deed that one does out of love are the easiest roads or paths to travel.
Walk with the head held high and your back as straight as a pencil as you walk or dance in your travels.
Family and God watches from heaven and smiles at all those who are still in there UNIQUE travels.
WE are all family in heaven and on EARTH we are all on a galactic trip to the wonders of the divine that our heavelly Father has given to us ALL.
Many say Universal concoiusness, Christ conciouness, even simple "God" it really does not matter what name you give it as you travel.
Travel deep into the depths of your heart and feel your soul that is as pure as mother nature and all her glory.
When life seems to hand you sour lemons bless them for at least you have the opperunity to view what was ones.
YOUR travels still have the chance to squeeze the lemon and make lemondade because sure as the tree was planted so it shall make available.
At times ones travels can seem trechorous and the mountain mighty high to climb but with faith in your heart your travel will turn out much more beautifully than you can even imagine.
God has made everyones travels filled with wonder and much love mixed with a few tears that remind you of the love you ones thought you lost.
Love is never lost it is mearlly re polished for the next soul to incounter your soul.
Each soul has a soul-mate!!
Each tear has a purpose as it turns into sand on the shores of all our travelers beaches.
Travel with an open mind an open spirit and watch as the eagles takes flight!!
Travel and crawl if you must because before you knew how to walk you had to be taught by someone that too loves you .
We are going to travel to a place much healthier much more beautiful and would you believe it THERES NO MORE PAIN!!
When born on this world did you remember crying or the doctor taking out the fluid from your mouth so you may breath deeply oxygen?
Angels sing with me and dance with me always and forever.
Angels travel with me ALWAYS!
God you made these ANGELS TO SHOW US YOUR MERCY !
You created us all uniquelly so we may all know your Omni presence that sometimes comes in many different shades of " colors ".
View the travels as you travel, view there not differences but your reflection in there eyes .
Notice how those who are not like minded deep down are, why or how??
Through Love those not like minded are exactlly like you .
Traveling to the truth I am that what I love so dearlly.
Travel if you will to a realm of pure fantasty until the day you ascend and "SEE" the beauty YOU the traveler created.
Some will go to that planet or this star either way you know in your heart of heart you choose to travel there before you stepted footing here!
Travelers if you will know that the way to travel is inward as the world appears to crumble all around you.
Travel with the drum of our beats of your own pitter patter just travel.
Travel with the highest LOVE because oneday you will look down from heaven (if you choose) and say " wow Now that was a travelers nightmare and or DREAM;sent from the highest of the highest of positive vibrations."
Walk a day in my shoes and you will have traveled over and over to what I know waits for me.
Walk a day in your shoes and see you have walked in mine in the past.
Travel by walking, rolling, skipping, flying, what way you choose it need be the best travelers guide you could have ever choose.
Travel with love.
Travel in faith .
Travel with conviction in your heart you were BORN for this travel.
Travel, travel, travel as long as you don't stop traviling for there is much to explore .
There is much to let go for here you feel.
There is much to see as there is never ENOUGH to learn as you continue to travel .
Travel wide and high travel low and slow simple travel.
Enjoy your travels as you travel while staying in one motion , forward!

Many blessing to all travelers in the deepest of travels, Namaste !

Aug 22, 2011

The I am what Iam

I am a soul experienceing what it feels like to be a human.

I am love

I am light with darkness that can not see it inside myself
I am happiness
I am joy with some thoughts of disdane
I am without illness and in faith "God" cures me
I am truth
I am trust in myself and in what I am viewing
I am a friend, sister, lover, teacher and heart with soul
I am sometimes crying while I am laughing after
I am strength and peace in my strength
I am the observer observing the typing
I am observing you observing the I am that you are also
I am tranqility while turmoil perseves as non peace
I am feelings in this form that vibrates energy
I am able to change form in the mind as you too can choose what you prefer to view inside
I am in this form because it's ok to experience what " this shift" is and what it intails
I am one that is not wasteful also " the light police"
I am facing fear with grace and trust in my faith
I am an animal lover while I let out waste
I am growth while others teach me which way or how this person can hold more faith
I am love of angels and of God
I am an aunt while letting go of labels
I am positivity with a bit of sinisizim
I am full of kisses
I am giving LOVE & recieving LOVE freely
I am enjoying what this life has to offer
I am a reflection of you
I am once what was is no longer and what is, is the what I am becoming in you that releflects LOVE
I am a Philanthropist ALWAYS have been since I was a child
I am a lover of & in nature and of the sea that sands surround
I am grateful I am a care taker for those who need my hand
I am free and becoming freer in lifting the vail
I am one who does not consume toxins including heavy meat!
I am aware that God and the Devil are on One or several coins
I am frustration when not centered in the peace within
I am letting go of that that was not real and what is real is how I see myself and the I am what I am
I am speaking from the heart
I am forgiving and forgiveness
I am beautiful just as you are beauty
I am not in service for the illusion of money!!!
I am greatful to have had gone through that tunnel to see the light of hope in the end
I am one who prays while letting go of Dogma
I am able to continue on this list of I am
I am an open book and MANY appricate it
I am a petition signer
I am a voice for the voiceless
I am one that can speak to the spirit of the NOT " dead"
I am greatful that I am given this gift
I am part of several " statistics" that want to label the what I am able to do

I am one who too has an ego
I am a blogger and web surfer
I am empathic to all that is all that is one under the eyes of God
I am form with a smile on my face
I am caresing those who need a rub
I am not seperate from God
I am one with God
I am one with you the viewer
I am the light what they seek is my sign that is fire
I am ending the I am what Iam who are you as you ask
The I am what I am

Aug 9, 2011

Oneday all that I see will no longer be viewed instead what will be heard is my heart singing about the beauty this person see's. This journey is my own and being aware that I am not alone brings me much confort. As I got older I noticed how there were so many children dieing of AIDS. Why, is this here? Why would AIDS be created, perhaps it is a gift??? I wonder is this truth or is this ACCEPTANCE ! The hours tick away and the people sleep while others are awake.
Relizing my parents did there best and they kept me here so I may be the warrior spirit that rests in your heart as you rest as I rise and or am awake. Expanding outwardlly through my truths , disease is no longer going to be as I move forward. I was choosen for this reason! I would of never have wanted YOU to live with disease what it's labeled really doesn't matter. My voice has been heard in several different avenues and my face has been seen through different lens ;) that's a guarentee.
All I can do is say ONEDAY all this sadness will cease and the only thing left will be what we ALL came down here to experence LOVE SIEMPRE ( love always) .
A dog can love a cat and a cat can love a bird , have you witnessed it? They do not chase eachother they play. They live in there truth as I live in my own. Several years ago this person blossoming had no idea what was going to come, just as I have no idea what will bring manana (tommorow) or do I ?? :) :)
Gifts are given from the one source EVERY SPECIES is aware of .. It is God the All that is ALL is ALL of us. Maybe oneday as I continue to flow on my own river and you skip the pepples on your own creek we will see the same fish that glows on the bottom of the water collected right there in that exact moment WE connect. Many blessings as we all move forward for there is no more or what was and theres no other way to be but to be brave. Bravery in yourself truimps and your victories as Small or Large they may appear to be. Recall what mile stone you need flip over to discover the
" NEW YOU ". If you think when I was younger this person typing NEVER thought this deep think again!!
I did and as the years add and I grow and bloom my petals surrounded by my favorite colors , lol I see you pearing in wondering , where does she come up with it?? Deep inside that comes out to you so you may feel my heart beat as I punch on these keys or scribble on the paper that was once a tree ;( My love, my mind, my heart, my God, thank you !! Thank you, for rescuing me before I drowned in lies..
I know now what you have been saying in the dreams, what and whom you were placing as I just thought it was for ugliness it in reality was a gift. A gift given from you to show myself my strenth , my humility, my pride , my fist punchoing in to the skies.. Light worker they call me, light work I see. What I feel is something else, those powers that are not of the same color contast .

Absolutlly its in the same box but what color doese the child in you color with?? Ask yourself, do not label them but witness what choice you choose. When the end that is the begining comes I know this person has seen it way before SHE went inward. Gifts given from God because he/she knew before I knew this was coming. Sing with me as we sore up to clouds that in the end are just vapor.. LOL I hold no weight what holds weight is how high did I swirl to get to touch that cloud.. ;)
Please , do not dis like my process discover your own.. If you judge what you are unaware of through these eyes and this lens then DEAR ONE you have loat the concept, LOVE .. LOVE thyself as I love you no matter what or where you are on your stream of life, walking in your own truth. Walk with bravery, with love, and lots of light ; what color light is your choose. It could be a strob light if you wish, lol thats always fun at a party...
LIFE IS A PARTY NOW LIVE IT UP!! These are the days to count your blessings, remember WHY you choose to look inside..

Much love and peace and WHITE light that was once BLACK..
Theres Got to be a way to change the way others who think that the only thing needed is pain and ugliness. There is something happing inside to all of us and ALL I pray is we all see eachother on the 5th/heaven ;)

Life is beautiful even when your older and your eyes are losing vision
( like jak here ) . You still feel the love inside given freely .. Many blessings as the year is approaching and the intensity is increasing ;) WE ARE MOVING and theres nothng the "negative ones" can do about it, as they will be on there side and WE will be on ours. Fear or LOve ? you choose

Either way its neither nor wrong it was a matter of choice. You will eventually make it to the Earth , I guarentee it. Better to join the masses then be the ousider looking in, confused b/c you choose not to Change. ;( :)

Aug 3, 2011

*** Lets Heal the World we all can together!! *** blessings and good health sent with love from thy spirit !!

Peace to you now relax enjoy the healing.. Love to you
( my twin sister and I )


Everyday is a new day and as I sit and think about faith this is what I feel from the heart and expression coming through with words.
There is nothing stronger in this world but love is the second best stregth to the other word called faith.
We all have faith above all else that God, the creator , the Allah , what ever word you need to describe the reality it exsists. Wheather in the air or in our heart faith that God hears our cries and our laughs.
I never relized how much faith I had in God till I started mediating. Now that the action of meditation is and continues to be in motion my faith is UNWAVERING!! I know I trust in God above all else that if it wasn't for him I wouldn't of made it out of the dark days I was creating for myself.
Now I see life much more beautifully and I love my family that much more! My parents always taught me about God, but never pushed me to go to church. Yet in still I went with friends. Al though I don't recall some of the sermons I do recall the faith in all of the people that went to church.
Today I see this still hold truth, I do not go to church. My God can hear me here where I sit and I type about faith above all else he is real. My faith that he was the one who kept me alive throuh all the years this body was will illness. Faith that he too heals you and yours! Faith that I see him and he see's me. I love knowing that God knows my name just as God knows yours and he hold faith you will find the day when you question , how deep is your faith in the lord?
As I sit and type this I am overwelmed with love in my heart because I know my faith runs as deep as these viens pump the blood to my heart to keep beating. I love knowing my faith is unwavering! I love trusting that my faith was drawn by years of not suffering but mearlly holding faith he would remove me from the suffering with the external things that keep the flesh weak. I got on my kness and I cried to the heaven to please, please help and in the end God helped me, not myself GOD!
Faith that God knows the things in this world that make me sad but faith he will remove the things out of the way so I may find myself again through faith that he knows I know he is real. I LOVE God , he doesn't judge , he doesn't inflict pain . He didn't create this world to show us the opposites . We created the opposites to remember faith. Faith that he sent us here to learn the lesson to live in the actions that are Love based and thats only for our highest good for man kind.
Faith in my heart, faith in breaths, faith in my heart, faith in my steps! Faith that God knows how much apprication I have towards him and all the life lessons I have learned and will continue to learn. God created the angels to help us, to help you, to guide us to guide you. Why, because hes awsome and he knows how difficult life can seem . When the day or night come that this body is down pomping the blood I hold faith God will call my name and I will walk into the gates of not hell but of heaven. For this dream state perceves as hell like concepts. It in reality can be what you make it. I choose to keep making it faith based that God knows whats in my heart and why he still has me here after so long.
Reincarnation is real and God knows my faith has been un wavering and will stay this way until he feels I have incarnated enough times to finaly be annoited the angel that I know I am and strive to be so I may walk in to heaven with as much love as this heart can carry. Faith he see's my heart and wipes my tears as I sit and type this to you the reader. Spirtuality is a long rode but one not less traveled with faith, God is always with me and so are my angels which whom I will be eternally greatful. Thank you God, Allah , Heri Krishna, what ever word /name you need to help you understand he/she is always with you.

Many blessings of love and peace along with good health towards you and yours.

Jul 15, 2011

I wrote this years ago in 2001 . A very dear friend of mine has it in her office, I wanted to share it with you All. Blessings of love as you observe My process before I went inward

Dear God,

Today has been a rather unique day, but as usual a day still here on Earth. Beginning my day with the thought of once again trying to stay alive though deep down inside I, like many others am tired of this mission here on Earth called purely “survival”. Whether you are surviving by health or like many by money here on Earth is not easy. Though I would like to fell pure pain, I cannot, and will not, because of everyone around me at this very second in my life and every passing milli-second. As I write this, there are many souls floating around me and hoping and keeping faith like everyone does day by day, yet in denial, we too will be floating, and maybe I will be watching someone like me, a 16 year old Hispanic proud to be a female. And as I do know that they are watching me as I write this and smiling because I can be realistic with my world. This is my reality and definition of how life is.
I am proud in the sense that I am unique because I can smile everyday while still realistically keeping in mind that I will die of something nobody wants to envision or even imagine. Life is hard. Keeping faith will make all your tribulations stay more at ease that is if you believe in faith.

So God I write you this and pray that you do see this, hear it and even note that I want you only to do one thing for me. Make the next person entering Earth, life, existence, and even “being” easier on them instead of helping me. For I know the meaning of pure pain, and lots of laughter, and most of all love. As I write this though I still ask you God: “Is my philosophy on life true?” Is it true that you enter this world crying while everyone around you, who loves you, begin to smile, and as you leave this Earth, floating away, you see the crying while you’re smiling?

Angie, age 16
A day I will never forget this is paradise to me

Really love taking photos this is also a way of being in the momement and not in my head
There are days when sitting and listen, really listen kinda wakes you up..

I hear so MANY people talk about money, why is this so important to people?? It's not an illusion that it smells!! It's not an illusion it has texture, it's not an illusion WE (some) think THEY NEED IT!! Personally I could care less if I had money. Money doesn't show the value thats in MY heart, or does it the more One attains? I'v noticed that there is no need for money it hurts alot of people that have it, and its not spread out evenlly to the THOUSANDS that NEED it!

This observation and listening of complaints I want this I want that really urkes me but it doesn's change my view!! This is not needed here its so foolish to think that manifesting wealth is the ticket to happiness or to attain a higher connection to God. Personally, I'v noticed that those that have less than you are in reality richer in side!! Rich in the ascpect there nicer, more compassionate, as well as (debatable who) respecting . Yes, its all about up bringing but just cause you went from poor to rich does make you better than me or even nicer than me. On the contrary it adds to the selfishness to the indavidual, (all my perspective and opionion) oplogiges if your not liking what I'm saying!

Staying humble and greatful that I DO NOT WANT or NO NEED FOR MONEY TO valudate who I am. In actually whats NEEDED is more Love and laughter and just a little while longer here so I can share my if any "wisdom" . My heart hurts seeing those who are wealthy keep it ALL and give NOT to the dieing and the hungry!! This hurts because how can one sit by and say "hey it's okay God made it this way!" . Sure he did but money who made that, MAN!! To control possible is something they have no control over, that being HUMANS!! We are all human beings on Earth but like God said " On Earth that is in Heaven." I highlly doubt he meant Money!!
Praying for those who think they need money or abundance in the form of money!! I speak from heart here and all though my honesty seems brutal (dont read it then!) Blessings and Love and hapiness along with GOOD HEALTH to those everywhere and in everything.

My heart cries out to heaven the things I see here, and yes I forgive those who have tresspassed against me! My Lord and savior has led me out of temptaion and into the light. The light is as bright as your smile and your laughter . How can I be of service on here, by being me! This is me! I dont need money could careless for it, under a bridge with my health & my happiness that's what I need! The day will come when ALL that is will no longer be and all that will be was what I left as my impression on people. Faith, in my heart that people see and understand my point of view. I pray this place and these people who are yet awakened get it! It's not about MONEY it's about sharing yourself and your love and light and happiness.

There is no other way for me but to just be honest! My opologozes to those who need another pill to swallow because it's to harsh to read my opionion! This process is hard esp. when when seeing soo many croaked people! Next thing that's notice is Love! It's strange how this is All here and I pray God helps everyone in ANY way they need it, healing to everyone and everything is what's needed not with money being thrown at it! With love and peace and love as well as more LOVE!! Love to Love you everyone here even the animals in nature.

In Gods name I pray and cry and pray and cry .
Blessings of good health to you and yours always sent with love,peace,and caring from the onearmedbabe

Jul 9, 2011

When was the last time?

When was the last time I was able to really look at myself and say I love you __________ ?

When was the last time I looked in my eyes and saw __________ the one who is happy and content for being alive is to live.

When was the last night or day I looked at myself and said I am kindess and generousity and Love to All the things that are on Earth that are also in heaven?

When was the last time I said I am breathing this air that God made for ALL of us to breath and inhale with our lungs that he/she too created.

When was the last time I looked out the window and admired the view that is beautiful and elegent in its own area in its own space in its "time" in that I am observing it?

When was the last time I said I am humility and with being humble can I say I am free and in love with me.

When was the last time you were in love with you and them and those creations in which God created ?

When was the last time I relaxed and nutured my body without toxins? I know right now in this time and space I am doing it, with Gods help and prayers I am saying these words that flow freely from my one handed typing.

When was the last time I was okay with you being you and respecting you all though I might not agree with some of your views I still love you .

When was the last time I skipped rocks on the canal with my sibling? When was the last time I jumped into the canal with my childhood dog/ friend?

In my mind its right now thats when was the last time.

When was the last time you admired yourself in the mirror and said and believed I am strength, honesty , love and peace All in this skin and bones?

When was the last momement you sat back and said " I love this place and theses faces and theses different skin tones and textures and smells?"

When was the last momement you looked in your own eyes and asked who are you, were you the past, the present, or the unknown future? When am I to relieize its in being here right now and enjoying my self by just being present am I honored to say I love my family and yours for creating you.

When was the last time I just relaxed and said " Everything is gonna be alright?" These days are filled with wonderment and happiness and Love these are the times to relax and enjoy being the omni presence that created you to be.

By going inward can One begin to transform the Iam the (what seems) as negative into the Positivity that the mind can transmit into reality for Everyone and everything (animals included) after all we all love an animal no matter how small or how long the body or kneck is.

When was the last time you removed the fear and got brave? When was the moment that you relized this is All in your head but its speaking to your heart because you understand I understand you.

When will duality be gone from this place, when ascention begins and the last breath is inhaled no longer exhaling , that when time is the infinite momeents WE Are ALL going to and will be a part of eventually.

Many blessings and good health to everyone and everything here on Mother Earth this amazing, beautiful, ever changing in frequency and platatonic shifting under our feet at this exact moment ( science says so ) .

When was the last time you sat and asked your self who are you? Could you be me as I am you and we are All from the loving grace that God created and wants us all to know as the All might essence thats in everything and everyone.

Jul 6, 2011

Moments of joy and happiness with Love that is bountyful and we All feel inside

Love what can I say Love
Anything written on this blog is my personal expression coming through this ascention process in which "WE ALL" are going through. Hope that anyone who reads this can enjoy the way expressing myself through poetry because to me it is an art form no matter what, I trust this as one truth to being myself as well as closer to God and my guides in which I love dearlly. They are with everyone wheather You want to believe this or not this is a truth I understand and imbrace. The comfort in the feeling knowing this is what I can see as the essence in which God too created. Heres another poem for those who are my fans, thank you and many blessings of Love & peace for this is the way to freedom. Spreading this through the internet is just another way so people can use it to find what they are needing in the exact moment they are reading or hearing .

The path through spiritality is through enlighment that all is God concoiuness and everyone can find universal love and acceptance as well as freedom by going inward and speaking to " Christ Councouness" or "thyself". Everything that exsists on this plane is the equal & opposite reaction called " duality" . Both spectrums describe the essence that is God and all that inhabits Mother Earth, ( we all have mothers). Desciding on when to view all that is all that is the essence of God. This is not rightouness but observing as beauty, no longer disdane or malice to inflict on " oneself" or others is needed. All that is needed is trust that All is All equals one essence named "God", what or whom the "God" is should no longer be the topic of conversation.
In reality as far as viewing or listening right now, this can be paradise and heaven. Fear of the unknown is just that, Fear! Let go ( and let God guide) of all that keeps the spirit and soul will be free to be in the paradise that exsists out there somewhere, upthere, IN here ( inward) and again out there. By going in can one person be free from the duality thats all around "here" which is out there, with your finger pointed to that or this or even them. Be free and judge not as you observe the duality on this plane called Earth for this was created by the essence that is God not religion but spitiuality as you grow to meet your maker. The maker made you in his own image of Love and understanding with respect to this place and all that in compasses the beauty that surrounds and exsists in everything.

Love & Blessing with Peace from Onearmedbabe