Aug 3, 2011

( my twin sister and I )


Everyday is a new day and as I sit and think about faith this is what I feel from the heart and expression coming through with words.
There is nothing stronger in this world but love is the second best stregth to the other word called faith.
We all have faith above all else that God, the creator , the Allah , what ever word you need to describe the reality it exsists. Wheather in the air or in our heart faith that God hears our cries and our laughs.
I never relized how much faith I had in God till I started mediating. Now that the action of meditation is and continues to be in motion my faith is UNWAVERING!! I know I trust in God above all else that if it wasn't for him I wouldn't of made it out of the dark days I was creating for myself.
Now I see life much more beautifully and I love my family that much more! My parents always taught me about God, but never pushed me to go to church. Yet in still I went with friends. Al though I don't recall some of the sermons I do recall the faith in all of the people that went to church.
Today I see this still hold truth, I do not go to church. My God can hear me here where I sit and I type about faith above all else he is real. My faith that he was the one who kept me alive throuh all the years this body was will illness. Faith that he too heals you and yours! Faith that I see him and he see's me. I love knowing that God knows my name just as God knows yours and he hold faith you will find the day when you question , how deep is your faith in the lord?
As I sit and type this I am overwelmed with love in my heart because I know my faith runs as deep as these viens pump the blood to my heart to keep beating. I love knowing my faith is unwavering! I love trusting that my faith was drawn by years of not suffering but mearlly holding faith he would remove me from the suffering with the external things that keep the flesh weak. I got on my kness and I cried to the heaven to please, please help and in the end God helped me, not myself GOD!
Faith that God knows the things in this world that make me sad but faith he will remove the things out of the way so I may find myself again through faith that he knows I know he is real. I LOVE God , he doesn't judge , he doesn't inflict pain . He didn't create this world to show us the opposites . We created the opposites to remember faith. Faith that he sent us here to learn the lesson to live in the actions that are Love based and thats only for our highest good for man kind.
Faith in my heart, faith in breaths, faith in my heart, faith in my steps! Faith that God knows how much apprication I have towards him and all the life lessons I have learned and will continue to learn. God created the angels to help us, to help you, to guide us to guide you. Why, because hes awsome and he knows how difficult life can seem . When the day or night come that this body is down pomping the blood I hold faith God will call my name and I will walk into the gates of not hell but of heaven. For this dream state perceves as hell like concepts. It in reality can be what you make it. I choose to keep making it faith based that God knows whats in my heart and why he still has me here after so long.
Reincarnation is real and God knows my faith has been un wavering and will stay this way until he feels I have incarnated enough times to finaly be annoited the angel that I know I am and strive to be so I may walk in to heaven with as much love as this heart can carry. Faith he see's my heart and wipes my tears as I sit and type this to you the reader. Spirtuality is a long rode but one not less traveled with faith, God is always with me and so are my angels which whom I will be eternally greatful. Thank you God, Allah , Heri Krishna, what ever word /name you need to help you understand he/she is always with you.

Many blessings of love and peace along with good health towards you and yours.

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