Aug 9, 2011

Theres Got to be a way to change the way others who think that the only thing needed is pain and ugliness. There is something happing inside to all of us and ALL I pray is we all see eachother on the 5th/heaven ;)

Life is beautiful even when your older and your eyes are losing vision
( like jak here ) . You still feel the love inside given freely .. Many blessings as the year is approaching and the intensity is increasing ;) WE ARE MOVING and theres nothng the "negative ones" can do about it, as they will be on there side and WE will be on ours. Fear or LOve ? you choose

Either way its neither nor wrong it was a matter of choice. You will eventually make it to the Earth , I guarentee it. Better to join the masses then be the ousider looking in, confused b/c you choose not to Change. ;( :)

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