Aug 9, 2011

Oneday all that I see will no longer be viewed instead what will be heard is my heart singing about the beauty this person see's. This journey is my own and being aware that I am not alone brings me much confort. As I got older I noticed how there were so many children dieing of AIDS. Why, is this here? Why would AIDS be created, perhaps it is a gift??? I wonder is this truth or is this ACCEPTANCE ! The hours tick away and the people sleep while others are awake.
Relizing my parents did there best and they kept me here so I may be the warrior spirit that rests in your heart as you rest as I rise and or am awake. Expanding outwardlly through my truths , disease is no longer going to be as I move forward. I was choosen for this reason! I would of never have wanted YOU to live with disease what it's labeled really doesn't matter. My voice has been heard in several different avenues and my face has been seen through different lens ;) that's a guarentee.
All I can do is say ONEDAY all this sadness will cease and the only thing left will be what we ALL came down here to experence LOVE SIEMPRE ( love always) .
A dog can love a cat and a cat can love a bird , have you witnessed it? They do not chase eachother they play. They live in there truth as I live in my own. Several years ago this person blossoming had no idea what was going to come, just as I have no idea what will bring manana (tommorow) or do I ?? :) :)
Gifts are given from the one source EVERY SPECIES is aware of .. It is God the All that is ALL is ALL of us. Maybe oneday as I continue to flow on my own river and you skip the pepples on your own creek we will see the same fish that glows on the bottom of the water collected right there in that exact moment WE connect. Many blessings as we all move forward for there is no more or what was and theres no other way to be but to be brave. Bravery in yourself truimps and your victories as Small or Large they may appear to be. Recall what mile stone you need flip over to discover the
" NEW YOU ". If you think when I was younger this person typing NEVER thought this deep think again!!
I did and as the years add and I grow and bloom my petals surrounded by my favorite colors , lol I see you pearing in wondering , where does she come up with it?? Deep inside that comes out to you so you may feel my heart beat as I punch on these keys or scribble on the paper that was once a tree ;( My love, my mind, my heart, my God, thank you !! Thank you, for rescuing me before I drowned in lies..
I know now what you have been saying in the dreams, what and whom you were placing as I just thought it was for ugliness it in reality was a gift. A gift given from you to show myself my strenth , my humility, my pride , my fist punchoing in to the skies.. Light worker they call me, light work I see. What I feel is something else, those powers that are not of the same color contast .

Absolutlly its in the same box but what color doese the child in you color with?? Ask yourself, do not label them but witness what choice you choose. When the end that is the begining comes I know this person has seen it way before SHE went inward. Gifts given from God because he/she knew before I knew this was coming. Sing with me as we sore up to clouds that in the end are just vapor.. LOL I hold no weight what holds weight is how high did I swirl to get to touch that cloud.. ;)
Please , do not dis like my process discover your own.. If you judge what you are unaware of through these eyes and this lens then DEAR ONE you have loat the concept, LOVE .. LOVE thyself as I love you no matter what or where you are on your stream of life, walking in your own truth. Walk with bravery, with love, and lots of light ; what color light is your choose. It could be a strob light if you wish, lol thats always fun at a party...
LIFE IS A PARTY NOW LIVE IT UP!! These are the days to count your blessings, remember WHY you choose to look inside..

Much love and peace and WHITE light that was once BLACK..

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