Aug 22, 2011

The I am what Iam

I am a soul experienceing what it feels like to be a human.

I am love

I am light with darkness that can not see it inside myself
I am happiness
I am joy with some thoughts of disdane
I am without illness and in faith "God" cures me
I am truth
I am trust in myself and in what I am viewing
I am a friend, sister, lover, teacher and heart with soul
I am sometimes crying while I am laughing after
I am strength and peace in my strength
I am the observer observing the typing
I am observing you observing the I am that you are also
I am tranqility while turmoil perseves as non peace
I am feelings in this form that vibrates energy
I am able to change form in the mind as you too can choose what you prefer to view inside
I am in this form because it's ok to experience what " this shift" is and what it intails
I am one that is not wasteful also " the light police"
I am facing fear with grace and trust in my faith
I am an animal lover while I let out waste
I am growth while others teach me which way or how this person can hold more faith
I am love of angels and of God
I am an aunt while letting go of labels
I am positivity with a bit of sinisizim
I am full of kisses
I am giving LOVE & recieving LOVE freely
I am enjoying what this life has to offer
I am a reflection of you
I am once what was is no longer and what is, is the what I am becoming in you that releflects LOVE
I am a Philanthropist ALWAYS have been since I was a child
I am a lover of & in nature and of the sea that sands surround
I am grateful I am a care taker for those who need my hand
I am free and becoming freer in lifting the vail
I am one who does not consume toxins including heavy meat!
I am aware that God and the Devil are on One or several coins
I am frustration when not centered in the peace within
I am letting go of that that was not real and what is real is how I see myself and the I am what I am
I am speaking from the heart
I am forgiving and forgiveness
I am beautiful just as you are beauty
I am not in service for the illusion of money!!!
I am greatful to have had gone through that tunnel to see the light of hope in the end
I am one who prays while letting go of Dogma
I am able to continue on this list of I am
I am an open book and MANY appricate it
I am a petition signer
I am a voice for the voiceless
I am one that can speak to the spirit of the NOT " dead"
I am greatful that I am given this gift
I am part of several " statistics" that want to label the what I am able to do

I am one who too has an ego
I am a blogger and web surfer
I am empathic to all that is all that is one under the eyes of God
I am form with a smile on my face
I am caresing those who need a rub
I am not seperate from God
I am one with God
I am one with you the viewer
I am the light what they seek is my sign that is fire
I am ending the I am what Iam who are you as you ask
The I am what I am

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