Aug 22, 2013

Blessings & Prayers For Humanity

Dearest Benevolent Mother Father God You-niverseS, Arch Angels, Angels, Guides, Protectors & Ancestors,
Thank you, for All that You do for Me, OUR family, OUR Planet, OUR home, OUR brothers & sisters thank you for the protection & Mercy that you bestow on US each day in every Magical way. Peace be with Us All as you guide US, LOVE US, Protect US & Teach Us through the space of LOVE, compassion, forgiveness, love & peace. May today bring Us All Miracles of LOVE, joy & Peace in our minds & Hearts. Abundance be ALL EACH being knows & experiences. My heartfelt love sent to each of You all unique benevolent beings in the infinity of LIFE & cosmic Christ Consciousness. Together we ALL can will find paradise All WE have to do is be-live in LOVE. LOVE is All that is & through everything & anything that "happens" to you happens to ME. Only LoVE can heal that in which holds You/ME/US back.. Allow God to LoVE unconditionally & see the Miracles that manifest before your feet. Positive thinking brings positive things. I love You All Angel Blessings . So Be It So it Shall Be . ~ Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti Om ~

May 10, 2013

TwinFlame Bond By: Anyole Suarez The Love “ONE” has with a twinFlame is something that Is sacred & magical. It is the Uni-verses & Earth with Eons of Grief, Mourning, Loss & LOVE all rolled into “ONE,” again & again . The ability to see all that Once was is NOW & forever more has been mashed into “ONE soul” the twinflame soul. The merging of these polarities as Equal & opposite as they are Fit like a rubric’s cube . When “we” look deep within the “window” the recall is tappingh outwardly from one core. Our uni=ver’soul’s/flame twinflame glow. The trenches, the thick mud of our own shadow sides saves the “one soul” always. Time & time again it is our life raft! The discovery that through the murky haze the light of “unconditional love” holds its strongest torch. Winding around all the bends, swimming the longest channels to find the twinflame over & over is the magic that is saving each other so “we” may save the “one” One soul, one torch, one vessel, one with the all, while deep in love with the exact & opposite of the twinflame bond. Each “one” contributes toward the eternal cosmic Christ consciousness. We reach out our hands in all “hours” throughout all “time travels” and exsistancesssssss. Harmony, respect, honesty, compassion, joy & love amplified to maximum core that represents the uni-verse-“souls” Each ripple of love “we” make in harmony with out mother gaia/earth is sent out for each & every”one” on this planet/through all dimensions. The goal with this “type” of frequency is love forever more more more & more. An endless supply of love is the twinflame bond, its very simple! It is Not just about “unconditional love” it is acceptance of your/our own souls! The soul of Oneness . Our reconnection over eons with our uni-versoulsssss & beloved mother earth. when “one” is “free” to explore the heart the love never hides! Never ! it is our twinflame bond . may we continue to harness this heaven everywhere in everything . Swirls of love sealed for nikolas james ruiz. We are one soul /twinflame activation on lock down

Feb 16, 2013

Part of my journey This is part of my journey that needs to be apart of my wonderful blog . Enjoy

Jul 4, 2012

^^^^ MEDITATION TO QUIET THE MIND^^^^^^ I sit here and wonder what could I blog about now? How about the things I have accomplished since I started this process. First, thing that I have gained is a deeper love for self. I have found that compassion towards myself has been the most eye opening experience I have ever felt. The love for others is also ever expanding, as I have learned to love myself unconditionally. When I go through the "waves" I feel my higher self expressing deeper love to this planet. I have found myself more in love with the soil & the animals, more than before. Secondly, I have become Certified in Angel Therapy. The love that(Angels) they exude is bigger than I imagined. I have prayed to God & to the angels with all of my deepest (integrity filled ) wishes,& they have come true :) I have released so many old habits with their help. I have learned so much about the woman I am and the woman I want to be later . My senses have been altered to hear them louder & to guide people to what they deserve. That being joy and love. We all deserve joy and LOVE. If it is one thing they have taught me is that I am not a victim. None of us are victims. We all choose to be here at this time for a reason. Sometimes( I admit) I wonder why but then when I give a reading and my accuracy is so on point I no longer question. When people ask me later " How did you know?" Honestly, I don't know shit I just listen & trust what I hear. Next thing I have accomplished, and this is my favorite. I remember reading here someone commenting & asking me " how far do you think your going to make it with one arm??" Well, I tell you what! I'm making it pretty damn far if you ask me! Now I am Reiki 2 going for my Masters soon :) So spirit def. knows whats its doing with me and my ONE ARM!! When I work on people they always tell me " OMG Angie I totally felt your other arm." Well, because I do have another arm. & I was born with an arm. I choose to amputate it at very young because I knew I had a plan to accomplish. Lastly, I am not that far from finishing college. My life has changed entirely! I no longer have myself tied to a tree.I have found myself weeping from gratitude while surrendering. I am appreciative to everyone who reads my blogs.. Thank you, for your support & remember ~~~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~~ May all sentient beings be free, & so it is :) Finally, I wanted to add that the greatest thing I have accomplished is serenity. I have a peace inside myself that I have not felt in Eons! Thank you, God & Angels for all your love & guidance. We are all truly blessed to be here at this time in this space. Angel Blessings & butterfly kisses to Everyone

Mar 8, 2012

Love how may ways can I count how much I appricate you.
Love we are Lovers.
Love you bring mr joy and you pray on my faith for you.
Everyday you show me how you play a role in my life.
The love I have for you all is the greatest gift God could have ever bestowed on me.
Love let me attempt to count the ways I adore you.
One you strengthen me to love myself better.
Two you grant me the gift of joy.
Three I share you deeply with all creators on this planet.
Four you make all that know you feel and show smiles of happiness.
Five you modivate me to let go of fear.
Six God is love and love is everywhere.
Seven you flow with grace in all that is energy.
Eight nothing comes close to you and your power of grace.
Nine you taste so beautiful on lips that kiss back with love.
Ten the passion that comes with you is like a swift blow of the wind.
Eleven Mother Earth is the love and love is Mother Earth .
Twelve love I thank you for all that you teach and share.
Written for love sent from love.
The Universal I am

I am devinly guided and protected.
I am love, peace, joy and laughter.
I am 'One' with ALL ..
Mother Earth is 'One' and I am'One' with Mother Earth.
I am balance with ying and yang.
I am light pearing through the dark that is part of the I am.
I am devine in the rainbow of all colors that is ALL of Us.
I am them as they are all an I AM presence.
I am God's humble servant. I am a teacher,mother, daughter, lover and sister that is your friend.
I am one who prays and holds faith for human-ity. I am POSITIVITY.
I am and endless sea of emotions that seek calmess and I am the waves that come.
I am a student always learning about life and all it has to offer in teaching.
I am ambitious and driven not for power or fame just so 'One' can know my name.
I am an angel who did develish things in the past/present.
I am being healed and licking the wounds with tears falling to Earth.
I am a singer who prays before dinner.
I am full of hope and full of love.
I am all that Iam and all that God intended me to be.
I am a animal lover and fighter whos known AIDS !!
I am a spirit that is roaming to find God within..
I am a writter who enjoys the sound of a clock ticking.
I am one handed but not in spirit.
I am the chossen 'One' who is clearing her/his own karma.
I am a multi-demensional being who understands the magnitude of the mission here on this planet.
I am a survior and a savior.
I am you and a universe in the stars.
I am the Universal Love that is All that is exsisting .
I am a person sending healing while healing everywhere and in everything <3
I am the all is the Iam in you .

Jan 17, 2012

Graditude Corner

The wonderful part about this "growth process" is that it's taking place...
Family and friends and life moves faster than a speading bullet and it is at night that I reflect and speak out loud my graditude.
Guidence and protection and affirmations for ones desires seems to really take hold as the hours moves faster and the mins increase more rapidly.
Where I was and where I am today is like a butterfly coming out a cacoon.
The love and ones I feel deep inside is the best part of the color to my painting.
The creme with the egyptian pyramid painted with time and patience seems to trully reflect the tranquilty I feel inside.
Healing is emmenit on this planet not just for myself but for a Collective Whole of Minds that are One Spirit of love.
Fear is one of the strangest things that I have found to be the most cunning of all parasites on this plane.
The un neccesarry falsehood behind FEAR is one of the funniest things I have found in this whole process.
The graditude I feel in knowing " their is nothing to fear, not even ones self."
How can this planet become the white light WE all are??
Tell me how do we ALL change this planet? All the affirmations and love sent out but the thousands seems to be "not enough".
Yet keep the FAITH is all WE BEINGS contunie to be doing.
We all need LOVE~ we all need PEACE~ WE all need truth to be revealed.
Counting the blessings and keeping the thoughts at the ultimate high of positivty trully is a battle when so many others are Still "Unawakened."
The only problem I find is NOTHING.
Just shedding the layers as others rest still seems to be a pattern and I share this process with those that read this blog.
The dance in my mind called my life is a love so fine and sweeter than wine.
Watching everyone move nd dance their own dance is what makes me more in love with life.
Perhaps that simplicty is why this soul continues to incarnate.
Other than the sun shining in through the window shades and me not putting on a face mask to cover the light from shining as strong and beautifuly as 'RA' does.
LOve to Gia, love to Oneness, Peace, LOvE, graditude, and Positity <3 what a wonderful thing to transmute and continue to reflect it over and over.
Graditude trully is the best attitude even after all the books we build in the records and read on our own.
Changing is always for the better in my case and for that I am deeply honered to be Gods servant.
Lets deliver graditude and heal one fiber of any gene with this grandest of feelings.
Peace Love everywhere and in everything <3
Smooches~ Onearmedbabe