Mar 8, 2012

Love how may ways can I count how much I appricate you.
Love we are Lovers.
Love you bring mr joy and you pray on my faith for you.
Everyday you show me how you play a role in my life.
The love I have for you all is the greatest gift God could have ever bestowed on me.
Love let me attempt to count the ways I adore you.
One you strengthen me to love myself better.
Two you grant me the gift of joy.
Three I share you deeply with all creators on this planet.
Four you make all that know you feel and show smiles of happiness.
Five you modivate me to let go of fear.
Six God is love and love is everywhere.
Seven you flow with grace in all that is energy.
Eight nothing comes close to you and your power of grace.
Nine you taste so beautiful on lips that kiss back with love.
Ten the passion that comes with you is like a swift blow of the wind.
Eleven Mother Earth is the love and love is Mother Earth .
Twelve love I thank you for all that you teach and share.
Written for love sent from love.
The Universal I am

I am devinly guided and protected.
I am love, peace, joy and laughter.
I am 'One' with ALL ..
Mother Earth is 'One' and I am'One' with Mother Earth.
I am balance with ying and yang.
I am light pearing through the dark that is part of the I am.
I am devine in the rainbow of all colors that is ALL of Us.
I am them as they are all an I AM presence.
I am God's humble servant. I am a teacher,mother, daughter, lover and sister that is your friend.
I am one who prays and holds faith for human-ity. I am POSITIVITY.
I am and endless sea of emotions that seek calmess and I am the waves that come.
I am a student always learning about life and all it has to offer in teaching.
I am ambitious and driven not for power or fame just so 'One' can know my name.
I am an angel who did develish things in the past/present.
I am being healed and licking the wounds with tears falling to Earth.
I am a singer who prays before dinner.
I am full of hope and full of love.
I am all that Iam and all that God intended me to be.
I am a animal lover and fighter whos known AIDS !!
I am a spirit that is roaming to find God within..
I am a writter who enjoys the sound of a clock ticking.
I am one handed but not in spirit.
I am the chossen 'One' who is clearing her/his own karma.
I am a multi-demensional being who understands the magnitude of the mission here on this planet.
I am a survior and a savior.
I am you and a universe in the stars.
I am the Universal Love that is All that is exsisting .
I am a person sending healing while healing everywhere and in everything <3
I am the all is the Iam in you .