Jul 4, 2012

^^^^ MEDITATION TO QUIET THE MIND^^^^^^ I sit here and wonder what could I blog about now? How about the things I have accomplished since I started this process. First, thing that I have gained is a deeper love for self. I have found that compassion towards myself has been the most eye opening experience I have ever felt. The love for others is also ever expanding, as I have learned to love myself unconditionally. When I go through the "waves" I feel my higher self expressing deeper love to this planet. I have found myself more in love with the soil & the animals, more than before. Secondly, I have become Certified in Angel Therapy. The love that(Angels) they exude is bigger than I imagined. I have prayed to God & to the angels with all of my deepest (integrity filled ) wishes,& they have come true :) I have released so many old habits with their help. I have learned so much about the woman I am and the woman I want to be later . My senses have been altered to hear them louder & to guide people to what they deserve. That being joy and love. We all deserve joy and LOVE. If it is one thing they have taught me is that I am not a victim. None of us are victims. We all choose to be here at this time for a reason. Sometimes( I admit) I wonder why but then when I give a reading and my accuracy is so on point I no longer question. When people ask me later " How did you know?" Honestly, I don't know shit I just listen & trust what I hear. Next thing I have accomplished, and this is my favorite. I remember reading here someone commenting & asking me " how far do you think your going to make it with one arm??" Well, I tell you what! I'm making it pretty damn far if you ask me! Now I am Reiki 2 going for my Masters soon :) So spirit def. knows whats its doing with me and my ONE ARM!! When I work on people they always tell me " OMG Angie I totally felt your other arm." Well, because I do have another arm. & I was born with an arm. I choose to amputate it at very young because I knew I had a plan to accomplish. Lastly, I am not that far from finishing college. My life has changed entirely! I no longer have myself tied to a tree.I have found myself weeping from gratitude while surrendering. I am appreciative to everyone who reads my blogs.. Thank you, for your support & remember ~~~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~~ May all sentient beings be free, & so it is :) Finally, I wanted to add that the greatest thing I have accomplished is serenity. I have a peace inside myself that I have not felt in Eons! Thank you, God & Angels for all your love & guidance. We are all truly blessed to be here at this time in this space. Angel Blessings & butterfly kisses to Everyone