Aug 28, 2011

Travelers "WE All" Are

Whom ever you are where ever you are WE all travel.
How you choose to travel and with whom you choose to travel your soul already knew pre hand.
There are moments in your travel when you wonder why this one or those and the simple answer is " it is what its is because "God" choose it.
As one walks in there travel there is much love to see and much love to spread along the way, much like feeding those that needed nutrition , yoir soul travels with the good deed .
The deed that one does out of love are the easiest roads or paths to travel.
Walk with the head held high and your back as straight as a pencil as you walk or dance in your travels.
Family and God watches from heaven and smiles at all those who are still in there UNIQUE travels.
WE are all family in heaven and on EARTH we are all on a galactic trip to the wonders of the divine that our heavelly Father has given to us ALL.
Many say Universal concoiusness, Christ conciouness, even simple "God" it really does not matter what name you give it as you travel.
Travel deep into the depths of your heart and feel your soul that is as pure as mother nature and all her glory.
When life seems to hand you sour lemons bless them for at least you have the opperunity to view what was ones.
YOUR travels still have the chance to squeeze the lemon and make lemondade because sure as the tree was planted so it shall make available.
At times ones travels can seem trechorous and the mountain mighty high to climb but with faith in your heart your travel will turn out much more beautifully than you can even imagine.
God has made everyones travels filled with wonder and much love mixed with a few tears that remind you of the love you ones thought you lost.
Love is never lost it is mearlly re polished for the next soul to incounter your soul.
Each soul has a soul-mate!!
Each tear has a purpose as it turns into sand on the shores of all our travelers beaches.
Travel with an open mind an open spirit and watch as the eagles takes flight!!
Travel and crawl if you must because before you knew how to walk you had to be taught by someone that too loves you .
We are going to travel to a place much healthier much more beautiful and would you believe it THERES NO MORE PAIN!!
When born on this world did you remember crying or the doctor taking out the fluid from your mouth so you may breath deeply oxygen?
Angels sing with me and dance with me always and forever.
Angels travel with me ALWAYS!
God you made these ANGELS TO SHOW US YOUR MERCY !
You created us all uniquelly so we may all know your Omni presence that sometimes comes in many different shades of " colors ".
View the travels as you travel, view there not differences but your reflection in there eyes .
Notice how those who are not like minded deep down are, why or how??
Through Love those not like minded are exactlly like you .
Traveling to the truth I am that what I love so dearlly.
Travel if you will to a realm of pure fantasty until the day you ascend and "SEE" the beauty YOU the traveler created.
Some will go to that planet or this star either way you know in your heart of heart you choose to travel there before you stepted footing here!
Travelers if you will know that the way to travel is inward as the world appears to crumble all around you.
Travel with the drum of our beats of your own pitter patter just travel.
Travel with the highest LOVE because oneday you will look down from heaven (if you choose) and say " wow Now that was a travelers nightmare and or DREAM;sent from the highest of the highest of positive vibrations."
Walk a day in my shoes and you will have traveled over and over to what I know waits for me.
Walk a day in your shoes and see you have walked in mine in the past.
Travel by walking, rolling, skipping, flying, what way you choose it need be the best travelers guide you could have ever choose.
Travel with love.
Travel in faith .
Travel with conviction in your heart you were BORN for this travel.
Travel, travel, travel as long as you don't stop traviling for there is much to explore .
There is much to let go for here you feel.
There is much to see as there is never ENOUGH to learn as you continue to travel .
Travel wide and high travel low and slow simple travel.
Enjoy your travels as you travel while staying in one motion , forward!

Many blessing to all travelers in the deepest of travels, Namaste !

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