Sep 8, 2011

Then God will Ask

Then God will ask what did you learn?
Then I shall answer compassion towards those that meant me no harm.
Love to those that birthed me.
Faith as I walked daily, understanding towards others who are me in the skeam of life called thyself.
With faith all things are possible even when returning to what you origanilly made us all to be . The child that knows now no bounds.
The infant that crawled before it walked.
The love and light I know that rests in me.
The child with no bounds, when limitations do not exsist.
When ego is no longer found to limit us all from being closer towards you.
Passion as I made love to that man that had the passion for me as well.
The option to allow you to cure me as I so desperatly needed it .
Curing others with your light and love.
Using this vessel to do the bidding you need me to accomplish all with faith .
Tears that make me closer to you as you heal me emotionally from that that was trainined from childhood.
Apprication to others as they are who they are and I am what you blessed me to be.
Meditation daily and staying at the ultimate high that you want us all to be.
The postivity you strengthed me with as I got older.
Love to you and everything and everyone, espcially this life tha I know I will not forget.


  1. very beautifully written from the heart.....

  2. Loved this very much!!!! (((( <3 ))))