Sep 24, 2011

As One leaves another One enters

The flow continues as the world keeps spining One leaves and another soul enters.
Why must the young "pass away" all the while knowing we will never be far away .
The stars twinkle and the skies fall with tears called rain.
One life and light enters the gates of the holyiest land.
Praise in the knowing this one did right by those that knew him and he too was one that was part of the masses of "light workers."
WE ARE ALL LIGHT and we ALL will be there not only in spirit but also in strength.
Rotations rotate the shifts that are transpiring for US all.
Relocations of all kinds small and large will be part of the rotation to bring mother Earth back to her original self.
Why sometimes do those that gave fought the hardest have to exit first?
Why is it that in knowing they are not physically here but you can still hear them does the pain not lesson?
The answers are inside while tears of sadness flow through both in and out.
Beats move the pace as the mind flucuates in rythem to the beat of knowing he is love and he gave love freely.
In remembernce to Luis WE LOVE YOU BROTHER, you will be missed.
To those that loved and think its lost tonight I say its never lost. It is meally replaced with no more pain for the other while you endore what this small trip has to offer.
It offers both suffering and non suffering. When seeing both sides to the same Earth you see that the light hits both sides just as the dark comes and goes into the reflection of your pupils.
Place a flower in the hair of your daughters and teach the boys how to dance so oneday they will do the same.
Treat those you can't stand as someone you can't live without.
With one that exits another light worker enters into this abyss of Earth and its creatures drawn by the masters creations .
Exit one enters two somewhere .
Exits masses enters abundance of brighter .
Add it all up WE ARE ONE , One unity, One beat, One rythem, One heart, One Love, One Whole pie staying around till you exit and others enter behind your departure .
In rememberance to ALL that move upward and on ward. In rebrence to US ALL it will happen eventally.
Just try to "BE" nice and non judgemental while your breathing, because how you treat others is how you feel about yourself.
There goes one more as a child takes there first breath and someone is drinking a shot of whisky else where.
Exit, Enter, Remove, Add, all the while loving all that you have experienced.
Smile for us for you because there are many crying for them selves and US.
One exits another One enters <3


  1. Angie, my name is Kevin and I from Canada. I just got your post on my YouTube Channel, and I was wondering if it was you...thank you so much.

    I wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you were to many people on that show. I have always wondered more than any other guest on Ricki's show how you were doing.

    Every time I see the episode, I get teary eyed. You were so brave, and just so full of life despite everything else.

    I had been thinking about making a video called "Ricki's Journey with Angie" basically showing clips of each show you were on. Would you like that? And, how are things for you now... even if it's online, I want to be your friend. You are already just so amazing.

  2. I sent Ricki a tweet with your wonderful blog and post on my channel... obiously she gets many messages but hopefully she will see it.

    Write back when you can and keep up the positive blog!