Jul 15, 2011

I wrote this years ago in 2001 . A very dear friend of mine has it in her office, I wanted to share it with you All. Blessings of love as you observe My process before I went inward

Dear God,

Today has been a rather unique day, but as usual a day still here on Earth. Beginning my day with the thought of once again trying to stay alive though deep down inside I, like many others am tired of this mission here on Earth called purely “survival”. Whether you are surviving by health or like many by money here on Earth is not easy. Though I would like to fell pure pain, I cannot, and will not, because of everyone around me at this very second in my life and every passing milli-second. As I write this, there are many souls floating around me and hoping and keeping faith like everyone does day by day, yet in denial, we too will be floating, and maybe I will be watching someone like me, a 16 year old Hispanic proud to be a female. And as I do know that they are watching me as I write this and smiling because I can be realistic with my world. This is my reality and definition of how life is.
I am proud in the sense that I am unique because I can smile everyday while still realistically keeping in mind that I will die of something nobody wants to envision or even imagine. Life is hard. Keeping faith will make all your tribulations stay more at ease that is if you believe in faith.

So God I write you this and pray that you do see this, hear it and even note that I want you only to do one thing for me. Make the next person entering Earth, life, existence, and even “being” easier on them instead of helping me. For I know the meaning of pure pain, and lots of laughter, and most of all love. As I write this though I still ask you God: “Is my philosophy on life true?” Is it true that you enter this world crying while everyone around you, who loves you, begin to smile, and as you leave this Earth, floating away, you see the crying while you’re smiling?

Angie, age 16

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