Jul 9, 2011

When was the last time?

When was the last time I was able to really look at myself and say I love you __________ ?

When was the last time I looked in my eyes and saw __________ the one who is happy and content for being alive is to live.

When was the last night or day I looked at myself and said I am kindess and generousity and Love to All the things that are on Earth that are also in heaven?

When was the last time I said I am breathing this air that God made for ALL of us to breath and inhale with our lungs that he/she too created.

When was the last time I looked out the window and admired the view that is beautiful and elegent in its own area in its own space in its "time" in that I am observing it?

When was the last time I said I am humility and with being humble can I say I am free and in love with me.

When was the last time you were in love with you and them and those creations in which God created ?

When was the last time I relaxed and nutured my body without toxins? I know right now in this time and space I am doing it, with Gods help and prayers I am saying these words that flow freely from my one handed typing.

When was the last time I was okay with you being you and respecting you all though I might not agree with some of your views I still love you .

When was the last time I skipped rocks on the canal with my sibling? When was the last time I jumped into the canal with my childhood dog/ friend?

In my mind its right now thats when was the last time.

When was the last time you admired yourself in the mirror and said and believed I am strength, honesty , love and peace All in this skin and bones?

When was the last momement you sat back and said " I love this place and theses faces and theses different skin tones and textures and smells?"

When was the last momement you looked in your own eyes and asked who are you, were you the past, the present, or the unknown future? When am I to relieize its in being here right now and enjoying my self by just being present am I honored to say I love my family and yours for creating you.

When was the last time I just relaxed and said " Everything is gonna be alright?" These days are filled with wonderment and happiness and Love these are the times to relax and enjoy being the omni presence that created you to be.

By going inward can One begin to transform the Iam the (what seems) as negative into the Positivity that the mind can transmit into reality for Everyone and everything (animals included) after all we all love an animal no matter how small or how long the body or kneck is.

When was the last time you removed the fear and got brave? When was the moment that you relized this is All in your head but its speaking to your heart because you understand I understand you.

When will duality be gone from this place, when ascention begins and the last breath is inhaled no longer exhaling , that when time is the infinite momeents WE Are ALL going to and will be a part of eventually.

Many blessings and good health to everyone and everything here on Mother Earth this amazing, beautiful, ever changing in frequency and platatonic shifting under our feet at this exact moment ( science says so ) .

When was the last time you sat and asked your self who are you? Could you be me as I am you and we are All from the loving grace that God created and wants us all to know as the All might essence thats in everything and everyone.

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