Jul 6, 2011

Anything written on this blog is my personal expression coming through this ascention process in which "WE ALL" are going through. Hope that anyone who reads this can enjoy the way expressing myself through poetry because to me it is an art form no matter what, I trust this as one truth to being myself as well as closer to God and my guides in which I love dearlly. They are with everyone wheather You want to believe this or not this is a truth I understand and imbrace. The comfort in the feeling knowing this is what I can see as the essence in which God too created. Heres another poem for those who are my fans, thank you and many blessings of Love & peace for this is the way to freedom. Spreading this through the internet is just another way so people can use it to find what they are needing in the exact moment they are reading or hearing .

The path through spiritality is through enlighment that all is God concoiuness and everyone can find universal love and acceptance as well as freedom by going inward and speaking to " Christ Councouness" or "thyself". Everything that exsists on this plane is the equal & opposite reaction called " duality" . Both spectrums describe the essence that is God and all that inhabits Mother Earth, ( we all have mothers). Desciding on when to view all that is all that is the essence of God. This is not rightouness but observing as beauty, no longer disdane or malice to inflict on " oneself" or others is needed. All that is needed is trust that All is All equals one essence named "God", what or whom the "God" is should no longer be the topic of conversation.
In reality as far as viewing or listening right now, this can be paradise and heaven. Fear of the unknown is just that, Fear! Let go ( and let God guide) of all that keeps the spirit and soul will be free to be in the paradise that exsists out there somewhere, upthere, IN here ( inward) and again out there. By going in can one person be free from the duality thats all around "here" which is out there, with your finger pointed to that or this or even them. Be free and judge not as you observe the duality on this plane called Earth for this was created by the essence that is God not religion but spitiuality as you grow to meet your maker. The maker made you in his own image of Love and understanding with respect to this place and all that in compasses the beauty that surrounds and exsists in everything.

Love & Blessing with Peace from Onearmedbabe

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